Spa Treatments

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Spa treatments

Thermal mud therapy

Mud therapy with shower and thermal bath

33 €

The mud, with an anti-inflammatory action, is applied directly to the skin at a temperature between 38 ° C and 42 ° C for a period ranging from 15 to 20 minutes. At the end of the application, and after the attachment shower, you immerse yourself in the thermal bath at a temperature of 36 ° -38 ° C for about 8/15 minutes.

Ozone therapy

6 €

The introduction of ozone (O3 = enriched oxygen) creates a regenerating massage for the whole body. The oxygen absorbed through the pores of the skin enters the micro circulation, bringing immediate benefit to the skin which is less asphyxiated but also to the muscles of the whole body.


20 €

Immersion in a tub containing naturally hot thermal water practiced in individual tubs, for about 10 minutes. The chemical composition of the water effectively and naturally promotes the resolution of chronic inflammatory processes. The thermal bath is particularly suitable for combating muscle atrophy or painful syndromes affecting the joints.

Inhalation of thermal water

12 €

Inhalation, aerosol or nasal shower with thermal water.
Hot-humid direct jet inhalation techniques with steam devices, indicated in diseases of the respiratory tract: rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis
(inhalations), bronchitis and affections of the lower respiratory tract (aerosol). The thermal water, divided more finely, is able to reach the pulmonary alveoli.

Sinusitis Mud

29 €

Application of thermal mud on the forehead, nose and maxillary sinuses, with small emptying pressures. The anti-inflammatory action of the mud helps to increase the elimination of nasal secretions.

Therapeutic massage

25 €

18 minutes

35 €

25 minutes

55 €

55 minutes

The regenerating whole body massage counteracts the sensation of muscle relaxation caused by mud-balneotherapy treatments and at the same time improves circulation, tones the muscle masses and gives a feeling of rediscovered well-being.

Hydrokinesis Physiokinesis

46 €

30 minutes

67 €

60 minutes

67 €

60 minutes

Hydrokinesitherapy uses the chemical and physical properties of water for therapeutic purposes and is applied in various branches of rehabilitation: orthopedics, traumatology, rheumatology, neurology.

Immersion in the thermal pool, thanks to the specific chemical composition of the water and its temperature, allows for a gentle and gradual recovery of muscle exercise.

Medical Service

Mandatory interview with a doctor for admission to treatment

30 €

Medical examination not related to spa treatments

28 €

ECG Electrocardiogram

30 €

Services included

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