Our Cuisine

Our Cuisine

Our cuisine: quality, passion, territory

The roots in the territory and the memory in the local tradition give life to the cuisine of the Hotel Formentin in Abano Terme. But his approach to the matter is completely contemporary, devoted to the quality of the ingredients and the lightness of the preparations. Strictly seasonal menus alternate light and digestible dishes with more traditional recipes and more sedimented flavors.
It is the figure of chef Mattia Lessio that makes the textures updated and the proposals always healthy, paying the utmost attention to procedures that do not weigh down the dish and do not disturb the taste. In both land and sea dishes, he favors a cuisine of subtraction that enhances the main ingredient through low-temperature cooking, tempura and marinades. The doughs are gluten-free, the flavor conferred by spices, aromatic herbs and oriental cooking, vegetable sautées, animal fats, the use of semi-finished products or the addition of flavorings have been abolished. Pastry also satisfies the most gluttonous palate with sweets low in sugar and added fats that do not penalize the figure or limit satisfaction.

Intolerances, allergies and custom diets

In the restaurant of our hotel in Abano Terme we try to best satisfy the requests of those who suffer from food intolerances or allergies. On our menu you will always find a vegetarian option, and, upon request, our chefs will pay particular attention to the preparation of vegan or gluten-free dishes.
We kindly ask guests to communicate any needs or special requests at the time of booking.

The breakfast. Wellness starts in the morning.

Sweet or savory, our breakfast is all homemade!
Brioches, plumcakes, muffins, fresh pies and sweets by our Chef Mattia to satisfy the most gluttonous palates; scrambled eggs, bacon and cheeses and cold cuts for those who prefer a protein-rich start to the day.


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